April 16, 2024
Samsung 860EVO vs Adata SU800 comparison

860EVO vs SU800

Samsung 860EVO SSD vs ADATA SU800 SSD


I just recently purchased a Samsung 860EVO 500GB drive so thought I would run the benchmarks and compare it to my Adata SU800 1TB drive I have been using. This is my first Samsung SSD drive and I have heard great things about the 860EVO for performance and reliability. So I thought I would try one out for myself and compare benchmarks with my Adata SU800. So here is my 860EVO vs SU800 comparison.

Both drives come nicely protected in a box instead, I doubt they would get damaged in shipment being jostled around. No real winner in this department.

860EVO vs SU800 packaging



Both drives come with a software toolbox. Here is a screenshot from both. I will do some side by side comparisons of the software and update this post. But offhand I can not find any faults with either. I did use the Samsung software to update the firmware of my drive and it went without a hitch. No need to download a separate file from the website. It was all done from the tool. Very easy.

860EVO vs SU800


Drive Migration software

Both drives are listed as coming with Drive Migration software. But I did not try out the Adata version. The Samsung drive migration software was incredibly simple and easy. I just plugged in the new drive and ran the software and picked the drive to clone and followed the prompts.

Since both drives have migration software and toolbox software, no real winner here either for me.

Warranty and Website Specs.

Here are some specs I compared from the website. The seem to be speeds they can reach “up to”.  Not sure if companies cherry pick these numbers or if they are truly the average peak speeds. What was interesting was the MTBF was listed as higher for the Adata SU800 then the 860EVO.

Website Specs


Benchmark test

For benchmark testing I used Crystal Disk mark.  As I expected the Samsung 860EVO was faster in almost every test. But the SU800 was really close. Since the SU800 was so close I thought it would be better to throw a couple other hard drives in the chart for comparison. This way you can see how close they really are.

Read Speeds

Read speeds

Write Speeds

860EVO vs SU800 Write



Well, there is no debate in my mind that the Samsung is faster after running the test. The Samsung 860EVO also has a better warranty of 5 years. But that extra warranty and speed difference come with a premium price.  I have heard great things about the reliability of Samsung drives. But I have never had any issues with my Adata 2.5″ SSD’s.  So for me since the SU800 is so close to the 860EVO in speed, I think my next purchase will also depend on the price. At a same or close price, I will probably go with the Samsung 860EVO. If the SU800 is a lot cheaper, I will probably choose the SU800 and from what I have seen lately the SU800 can be purchased much cheaper.

If you are thinking of going with Adata you may want to see my SU650 vs SU800 comparison.

Here are the links for the specs of the drives on Adata’s and Samsung’s website :