April 16, 2024

change impreza cabin filter 2015

If your wondering how to change the Impreza cabin pollen filter, this is the right spot. I just swapped my daughters 2015 Impreza pollen filter for what I think is the first time. I was really surprised at how bad it was.  The best part was the subaru impreza pollen filter location is really easy to access.

It was an easy process to swap out and the shop it was at recently quoted about 60 Dollars to do it. I purchased a new filter on Amazon for about 15 dollars and it took a few minutes to do. My guess is it can be swapped out in about a minute or two if you have done it before.

DISCLAIMER: This post is for entertainment purposes only. I am not  a professional mechanic. This is just explaining how I fixed the issue on my car.  I will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise if you decide to replace yours yourself.  

The Filter

The Subaru part number I found for the 2015 Impreza cabin filter is:  72880FG000 

I purchased a brand called ECOGUARD and they had the part number listed as XC36115. Here is a picture of it below. I also did see a Impreza HEPA filter available from another brand (Bosch). I chose this one this time, but might try the HEPA filter next. It was only slightly more expensive.

2015 Subaru Cabin Filter 72880FG000

The installation

Basically the filter is located behind the glovebox. To get to it you need to do the following.

  1. Open your passenger side glovebox.

2. On the right side you need to pull off the glove box stop from the clip. (I have no idea what this is called so here is a picture)

Impreza glove box


3. Release the clip on each side of the glove box to be able to lower it. I did this by pushing on each side.

Release clip on each side.

4. Once your glovebox is out you will see the Filter behind it. You just pull it out and swap it with the new one. Make sure your new one does not get put in upside down.

subaru impreza pollen filter location, pulling out old filter

5. After swapping out the filter, I put the glovebox back.  A job well done and I saved about 40 bucks.


Here you can see my old cabin filter after I pulled it out. Yikes it looks bad. This is such an easy change I should have done this a while ago when we first purchased this car.

72880FG000 The subaru impreza pollen filter location and old filter

Now that I know its there, and that easy to swap out, I will probably do this every time I swap out the engine air filter. The engine air filter still looks new since my last change.  If you want to see a video of the Impreza cabin filter change, you can see it at this link here : Video cabin filter change.  

The main tips I can think of are make sure you look at the cabin filter as you remove it to make sure you out the new one back in in the correct orientation. I could see where people wonder what direction does the cabin filter go.

As for the Subaru cabin filter interval, My Subaru manual mentions to replace the Air Cleaner element every 30,000 miles.

Again ,while I went cheap with this filter this time. I think next time I will go ahead and spend the extra 10 bucks and see if the Subaru Impreza HEPA filter works any better. Allergy season is just starting and i wonder if that might help keep more pollen out of the car.


If you are hearing a weird road noise, like a growl of sorts that starts when hitting speeds of around 30+ MPG. You may want to check out this post of the issue we had LINK.