April 16, 2024

Subaru Impreza road growl noise

Impreza Road Growl noise.

I had been hearing this light noise while driving my 2015 Impreza. It would usually start up around 30 mph. It was not that loud at first, and barley noticeable. Since it started the family and I have been driving the car just mainly around town and I had not driven it on the freeway in a while. But when I drove it last weekend on a long trip it was really noticeable on the freeway. I would hear it especially loud when I hit a patch of pavement that was quiet. It was kind of a low growl that would change tone with my speed. My first fear was it was the CVT transmission starting to have an issue. I went ahead and scheduled an appointment to have it looked at. I decided to post this as they found what was causing my Subaru Impreza Road growl noise.

The Fix

I scheduled an appointment at the shop and they checked it out. Turns out it was a bad drivers side wheel bearing. I was pretty relived it wasn’t the CVT transmission, as I hear they are pretty expensive to have replaced.  This wheel bearing was not cheap like an older cars wheel bearings. It ended up running close to 600 dollars to fix once you included labor. But that being said I am happy with the result. I just got the car back tonight and it is super quiet on the road now.   

The Cost

I probably should not have let it go this long, and had it looked at when I first heard the noise. But am glad it was finally fixed/replaced. I checked the price of the part they listed on the receipt and it was around $250 dollars if I ordered it from Subaru. The part number listed was 28373FL010A Wheel Brg/Hub Front . They also replaced a 902170049 Axle Nut. So it was roughly about $300 labor.  I did not look up how hard this was to replace myself. But am still pleased with the result as I did not really have time to tackle it myself. Too bad it was out of warranty.

Here are the parts they listed they replaced:

  • 902170049   AXLE NUT
  • 28373FL010A  Wheel Brg/Hub Front

This is a snapshot from the receipt.

Subaru Wheel bearing hub assembly receipt


The drive home sounded great. I had done a quick search of the internet looking for info on this before taking it in and did not find much. Maybe it was my search just terms. I and am not sure how widespread this might be on Subaru’s. Mine has around 70,000 miles. So thought I would post this on my blog just in case someone else has the same issue and might wonder what it could be.

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