April 16, 2024
Wansview W6 IP camera and Blue Iris Compatibility

Wansview W6 BlueIris setup

I needed a new camera to my Blue Iris setup, and needed a cheap IP camera that was compatible. The Wansview W6 BlueIris setup did the job. I noticed the Wansview W6 was on sale and saw that it supports RSTP and ONVIF so decided to give it a try. Well luckily it worked and I wanted to share my settings in case any one else needs to add a Wansview W6 BlueIris IP camera.

The Wansview W6 Blue iris IP camera.

Here is a quick snapshot of what you get in the box the Wansview W6 IP camera.

Wansview W6 IP camera and Blue Iris Compatibility

My main concern was its compatibility of the Wansview W6 with BlueIris and if it would work together. It took a bit of trial and error, but here is what worked for me.

Wansview W6 Blue Iris Setup.

Step 1. First I followed the instructions and installed the Wansview App, this allowed me to use my phone to change the camera settings.

Step 2. Once the App was installed I went ahead and set it up for a wired connection as I had a wired ethernet connection available. The Wansview Cloud App detected the camera and it mentioned it needed to update the firmware I went ahead and completed the firmware update.

Step 3. I set my router to always give the MAC address for the wansview W6 camera the same IP.

Step 4. After playing around this is my current setup that is working: Currently I have tried ONVIF turned both off and on and either works (Default port 8899), I do have RSTP port set to 554 under the “Local Application” in the App. The port is set to 554.

Step 5. I also set the login / password for the camera as admin /fancypassword under “Local Application” -> “Local Account” in the app.

Then in Blue Iris I set up my camera with the following Video settings.

Blue Iris settings Wansview W6

As you can see I set the top address as RSTP. Originally I copied over the line from the Wansview Cloud App “Local Application” –> “RSTP” and the full line they show that included my new login and password. I copied that into the top address line in Blue Iris and it adjusted it after reopening to look like it does now in the screenshot above.


I had seem some other people had issues with this Wansview W6 camera and Blue Iris so wanted to share this information in case it helps. The video is working great for me. It also appears stable so far. I did not test the audio yet and will update this if I do that.

Now as for the Video quality. Its not as good as my Reolink 5MP cameras. But this is only a 2MP camera and was about half the price. So really I can’t complain. It does its job and will work for what I need it to do. I hope this helps, I will update this post with a snapshot of outside the house with the camera for reference.

So far I am happy with the result. I do wish it had better resolution, but I can live with this for what I need.