August 10, 2020



Thanks for visiting my site!

This site is a Work In Progress, and will probably change quite a bit as it progresses. It is a fun project that my son and I am working on. If you see any cool images, they were probably made by him. We are located in the USA.

The main goal of this site is to just produce some helpful content, while at the same time learning about wordpress, site building and any other things that pop up.

While this is just going to be a hobby/side project for me and my son to goof around with, I also want to mention I am paying for hosting of this site, so I am going to try to use some affiliate links to cover that cost. I am not sure if anyone really even clicks on these types of links/adds. But I am curious to see if they would generate enough to pay for the hosting costs and just keep it running with no out of pocket expense. In case you are wondering the costs so far are ~$200.00 for hosting the site for 3 years. The costs included buying the domain name, and paying for the hosting of the site on a server along with a couple upsells I bought on the hosting plan. This site is being hosted on Hostinger. The site was started in Feb 2018. 

As for content. My hobbies are wrenching on cars, Computers, 3D printing and playing around with crypto mining at the moment. My sons are Music, Gaming, PC’s, Photography and some video editing. So I have a feeling that the articles will tend to be focused in those areas. Along with fixing things as they break at my house.

I may write something on the process I went through to build the site just in case anyone is interested. I mainly just learned just by searching for “how to” articles and such, and I found a lot of great FREE info on this. I also saw some paid courses, but I found all the info readily available for free. The Hostinger site had a lot of good articles on getting started. 

Thanks for stopping by to view the site, and Happy surfing!

p.s. Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors. I assume there will be lots of them.