April 18, 2024
ADATA SU650 VS SU800 comparison

SU650 vs SU800 – ADATA SSD’s

ADATA SU650 vs SU800 SSD comparison


I just recently purchased a ADATA SU800 so thought I would do a quick SU650 vs SU800 comparison between the two SSD drives in case anyone was wondering about the differences. The Adata SU650 usually seems to run quite a bit cheaper but also has lower read/write speeds advertised as opposed to the SU800.

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Spec Comparison.

Here are some spec comparisons of the SU650 vs SU800 SSD drives.

Read/Write performance 520MB/s 450MB/s 560MB/s 520MB/s
Warranty 3 Year 3 Year
MTBF 2,000,000 hours 2,000,000 hours
3D Nand Yes Yes
SSD toolbox Software Yes Yes
Migration utility Software Yes Yes
Advanced Error correction Yes Yes

Here are the speed comparisons I was see between the two drives when comparing. The SU650 was a smaller 240GB drive I had purchased a while ago and had ran a benchmark right after purchasing. The SU800 I just recently purchased and was quite a bit larger 1TB in size. I used Crystal Disk info to get the readings. In the chart below the SU650 is green, SU800 is Blue.

SU650 vs SU800 Read speed comparison
ADATA SU650 vs SU800 Read Speed comparison.
ADATA SU650 vs SU800 Write speeds.
ADATA SU650 vs SU800 Write speeds.

As you can see my Read speeds and Write speeds were faster with the more expensive SU800. Also when I was comparing spec sheets and looking on the website it looks like the SU800 has a higher TBW value. This value changes depending on the size of the drive so I did not want to make a side by side comparison. But it looks for each size the SU800 has a higher number.


I don’t think you can really go wrong with either of these two drives. They both ranked high up on my speed test of all the SSD drives I have benchmarked. With the SU800 being the fastest 2.5″ Sata 6Gb/s drive I have tested so far.

As a result, for me it would all depend on my pocketbook at the time of purchase. Because the SU800 was not much higher in price at the time I was writing this I would probably go for it with the speed increase. Similarly if I could save quite a bit of money due to one being on sale, I would go with the SU650 as it has been great so far for me.

If you would like to see the full review of the SU800 you can see it HERE.

As for the drives tested, Here are the links to the manufacture website and addition specs if  your interested: