April 19, 2024

Silicone Power SSD S55 Review (SP120GBSS3S55S25AE) 120GB

Here is my review of my Silicon Power SSD SP120GBSS3S55S25AE

I decided to do a review of one of my Silicon Power 120GB (SP120GBSS3S55S25AE) drives. I have been using this as a boot drive for a few months on one of my PC’s. As you probably know SSD drives are much faster then a typical mechanical (platter) hard drive. But one of the downsides is the cost. I am a frugal tech in that while I would love to have the latest, greatest tech from the biggest name brands, my budget will not allow it. So I tend to buy some of the lesser known brands and see how they do. Silicon Power is one such brand. I bought this thinking 120GB would be sufficient, but alas I need more. With the price of drives dropping recently and I can repurpose this 120GB into a laptop for a family member who still has a mechanical drive, its a win-win.

Let me start of by saying that I have found no issues with this drive so far. It does come with a 3 year warranty. But so far that has not been needed as the drive has operated flawlessly.

Me rambling a little about warranties and hard drives:

But since I brought up warranties on hard drives, I just wanted to share my viewpoint.  It would be a rare case that I myself would ever send back a drive to a manufacture unless I was sure that I had no private information on the drive and it would not be compromised. I like to have my drives erased per military standards by overwriting with various patterns. If a drive is broken I can not do this. I might also not be able to check the drive to verify I had no personal info. To me it is worth the peace of mind to just count my losses and get a new drive and destroy the old one. But if you do not have data on it you are worried about, then a warranty is a great thing. Or if you can trust that your data will not be compromised in transit, or at the end point. I have not reviewed any manufacturers to see how they handle broken drives, but that would be an interesting topic to look into. So to me a 3 year warranty vs a 5 year warranty is not a big deal (Or even a lifetime warranty if it was offered)

Back to the review:

Ok, back to the Silicone Power SSD 3D NAND drive. Here is the one I purchased Silicon Power 120GB (SP120GBSS3S55S25AE)

Here are the stats. Looks like its been on for 3107 hours so far.

As a comparison, here are the stats for the current Mechanical 1T  hard drive and my new Team Group 480GB SSD in my desktop I am using to write this post.


While it is way better then the 1TB Mechanical Hard drive I use for storage, it does not seem to be as fast as the new Team Group 480GB L5 (SSD) T253TD480G3C101 I just added. I did another review of that drive earlier HERE. But none the less, I have been pleased with it for the price and to be honest I have not noticed a difference in speed between them in day to day use. But I have not been comparing the reading/writing of any large files.

Would I recommend this drive? Yes. It was a very reasonably priced SSD drive and it has been trouble free for months. Price and availability would also play into my decision of course. but I have no complaints with it so far. I am sure it will make a drastic improvement for the laptop It will soon be running in. The one point I would like to make though, is make sure you get a size of drive you will need in the near future, not just what you need right now. I seem to be updating a lot of my drives right now, and in hindsight I wish I would have just bought a larger sizes to begin with. Instead I just end up updating the families PC’s as well.