April 16, 2024
Miwat LED Floodlight review

Miwat LED Floodlight 100W

Miwat LED Floodlight review

The Miwat LED floodlight size I am reviewing is the 100W model. These are ultra thin LED floodlights that are IP68 rated. I decided to mount mine outside as 100 Watts is a LOT of light output.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free to review. But I did not let that influence my opinion. Also this post is for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible if you injure yourself or damage your property if you try to install a light yourself. Please hire a professional if you do not know what you are doing. 

Miwat LED Floodlight packaging.

Here is what the packaging looks like. Its shows the dimensions and light color. As you can see in the pictures at the bottom, I thought it was a nice blend of being a natural light and not to white.

Miwat Box labeling

Here it is the Miwat LED Floodlight after I unboxed it.  As you can see the 100W model has a LOT of LEDs! Another thing is the one i was sent did not have a plug on the wires and was made to be direct wired. I see them selling them with plugs now as well and for me that would have been a little easier for me to test.

miwat LED floodlight unboxing

Here is a nice closeup of the front. You can see it has 12 rows of 9 LEDs for a total of 108 LEDs.

Miwat LED floodlight Front


Here is a closeup of the back of the light. You can see it has some heatsink type of fins for cooling. You can also see the bracket on the back for mounting. It has the side screws to adjust the bracket and it seemed pretty sturdy.

Miwat LED floodlight back

Testing the light

Now how bright is it. I turned it on in the house and it was crazy bright. Way to bright for me to really use it for anything inside without blinding us. But I guess that’s what a flood light is for (Outside). So I put it outside on our second story deck and aimed it at the ground.  Here you can see it from above temporarily mounted on the deck.

Mounted on Deck

Miwat 100W LED

The angle of lighting was also really good. The box said 120 degrees and I would agree with that. Here you can see the side lighting was still very good.

side lighting

Its really hard to show how bright this thing is in the pictures. But i want to say it is really bright. I would hesitate to get a 100W like this if I had a neighbor directly on the side of my house as it would probably really irritate them when it came on. But for me this is perfect.


The Packaging also contained a card that mentioned a 1 Year warranty and 24 hour / 365 day customer support which is really nice. Mine worked right out of the box with no issues so i did not need to contact them.


I really like the brightness and form factor of this light. I will be adding more lighting now and do my whole backyard. It was amazing to see how much it lit things up at night and will be really useful for when our dogs are in the back, or when it just gets dark early in the winter.  I give this light a big two thumbs up. The only negative I see is that I would have prefered to have a long cord and plug already installed on it, and I see they are selling them that way as well now.