April 18, 2024
Ravencoin x16Rv2 hashrate

Ravencoin x16rv2 hashrate

Ravencoin x16rv2 Hashrates for Nvidia

I just tried out mining x16Rv2 on Ravencoin testnet in advance of the fork that is scheduled  for Oct 1st to see my x16rv2 hashrate. My Rig is a mix of Nvidia GTX cards but thought I would share my hashrates in case anyone finds it handy. I did not run it very long, was mainly just making sure I was ready.

If you have not heard of x16Rv2, this is a new algorithm that Ravencoin will be switching to on Oct 1st. This was a response to seeing ASICs had become available for the x16r algorithm. The change is they added a new algorithm called Tiger in front of 3 existing algo’s.

There are a few miners that are being built to support his change and one of them is T-Rex Beta version 14.2 which you can find the links for on thier discord.

Here is a screen shot after a few minutes.

Ravencoin x16Rv2 hashrate

You can see I appear to be getting a little less then the normal 24 hour average we are used to seeing on x16R, but again I only ran it a short amount of time to see the x16rv2 hashrate.

x16rv2 hashrate compared to x16r

This is my normal 24 hour rates I see with x16R along with my quick sample of x16Rv2

Coin Worker x16R 24 Hour x16Rv2 (~5min)
Ravencoin EVGA_gtx1070ti_8GB 20.53 Mh/s 17.56 Mh/s
Ravencoin EVGA_gtx1060_SSC_6GB 12.19 Mh/s 10.48 Mh/s
Ravencoin MSI_gtx1060_6GB 11.86 Mh/s 10.31 Mh/s
Ravencoin EVGA_gtx1060_3GB 10.6 Mh/s 9.05 Mh/s
Ravencoin HP_909616 10.33 Mh/s 8.47 Mh/s
Ravencoin EVGA_gtx750ti 4.18 Mh/s 3.74 Mh/s

The mining program I was using for testing was T-Rex Version 14.2 that supports x16Rv2 for Nvidia cards, but I see they just released T-Rex miner version 14.4. I will get that loaded and give it a try soon.  For testing I was using the Minermore.com raven testnet pool. You can see it hitting the tiger algo in the picture below.

Mining Ravencoin x16rV2 on testnet with TRex miner

Just for reference here is the string in my .bat file I used to run the miner on the testnet if you want to give it a try.

t-rex -r 0 -a x16rv2 -o stratum+tcp://rvnt.minermore.com:4505 -u yourtestnetaddress.worker -d 0,1,2,3,4,5 -p x

One other thing to keep in mind is there is you will need to update your wallet to be on the new chain. For the Ravencoin QT wallet you want to be on version 2.5.X or above.

If you want to see how to add a view only address to your QT wallet you can see this post here. I like to have a view only on my mining rig as I like to run the QT as a full node, but do not want access to my coins. but want to see the balance.