April 17, 2024
LG TROMM DLE9577 cover2

LG TROMM DLE9577WM Dryer not drying problem

I just recently ran into an issue with my LG TROMM DLE9577WM not drying. It would still run, but it would not dry the cloths properly. It was like the heating element has stopped working. Here is what I did to fix it.


The issue:

The LG TROMM DLE9577WM dryer would run, but it would not dry. It would not matter which setting it was on when running.

I was able to get this issue fixed myself, but I did have to order a few parts. The hardest part was getting the dryer down as I had it stacked on top of the washing machine. When it came to the disasembly I found if you do a quick searches on youtube you can find some good video instructions on how to disassemble the dryer. Just make sure to unplug it before working on it and follow all safety precautions. I will try to come back to this post and paste a link here for disassembly. LINK

DISCLAIMER : This is not an instructional post, this is for entertainment only. Please follow all safety instructions in your manual and if you are not sure what you are doing hire a professional. I am not responsible if you try to fix your dryer and injure or kill yourself or damage your property. This is just me documenting how i fixed my dryer for my blog (Partly so I remember what to buy again next time it happens). 

 The solution for my LG DLE9577WM not drying :

The parts I tested that went bad were the Dryer High limit Thermostat, and High limit Fuse. These both needed to be replaced and I was able to verify they were bad by checking them with a multi meter. They were showing open circuits and had no continuity. Since I was already in there swapping these two parts out I went ahead and ordered a Thermistor assembly probe and a blower thermostat that is located by that blower. I replaced these as I would already have the dryer apart, so thought might as well since they were not that expensive. I was able to get all four of these parts for under 50 bucks on Amazon. Although I could have fixed it I think for 20 bucks only buying the first couple parts I know that were bad.

Parts needed :

Here are the parts that tested bad that I needed to replace to fix my DLE9577WM not drying issue :

  • Part # 6931EL3003D   Dryer Thermostat Thermal Fuse
  • Part # 6931EL3001E Dryer High Limit Thermostat

These I considered optional in my case, but I also ordered since I was already going to be taking the dryer apart:

  • Part # 6323EL2001B Thermistor Assembly
  • Part # 6931EL3002M Dryer Blower Thermostat


Here is a picture of where these parts I replaced were located.

LG TROMM DLE9577 not drying inside picture showing locations of replaced parts


All in all it wasn’t a hard job for me to fix my DLE9577WM not drying issue. I did get help to remove the dryer from the top of the washing machine so it was a two person job. Thanks to my wife for helping me lift it down. The replacement procedure was pretty much disconnect and unscrew the old parts then screw in the new parts and hook the connectors back up.(after unplugging the dryer and taking it apart first. ) The disassembly and assembly was the longest part.

I did have one mishap. I did not mark things very well and put it back by memory and forgot to connect the connector for the door latch (Door shut sensor) This will cause your dryer not to work at all. Luckily it only required that I remove a couple panels to get my hand in to be able to connect that back up.

Here is the LG product support website for the LG TROMM DLE9577WM  in case you need the original owners manual.


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