April 18, 2024
WM2496HWM dispenser not working fix

LG TROMM WM2496HWM Soap dispenser not working

I thought I would do a quick post about my issue with my LG TROMM WM2496HWM Soap dispenser not working. The LG TROMM WM2496HWM is a front loading washing machine. It has a dispenser in the upper left where you add the soap.

The problem WM2496HWM dispenser not working :

Basically we had noticed that when we would do a wash cycle the detergent dispenser would not empty the detergent. I did some googling and did not find a solution for this besides maybe clogged holes for the water box above the dispenser.  I went ahead and ran a load while sitting in front of the machine with the Dispenser drawer out to see if any water came out of those holes above it and none did. It also did not appear that they were clogged when checking with a flashlight.

So at this point I decided to take the top of the washing machine off and have a look at it.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an instructional post. I am not a professional and this is just how I fixed my washing machine. Your issue may be different. If you do not know what you are doing hire a professional. I am not responsible if you injure/kill yourself or damage your property. Please follow you owners manual and all safety instructions. 

The Solution:

Ok, basically what I did was unplug the machine and follow a youtube video showing how to remove the top. It was pretty straightforward, just put the model number into youtube and search and you will see some videos on disassembly.

Once the top was off I checked the unit that feeds the water to the dispenser and could easily see it wasn’t plugged up.  It was also easy to see there was not much left that could be the issue besides the electro/mechanical valves that feed the water. So I decided to just go order both the hot and cold sets of these valves as I found a set of both for under 25 bucks online with free shipping. (Amazon)

Here is what it looks like with the top off.

LG TROMM WM2496HWM top off

First I checked the box in the lower left of the picture and did not see any clogs. Then I went ahead and just order new electromechanical water inlet valves. If I was smarter I would have checked my valves first as it appears one was plugged when I went to replace it (See below)

Parts ordered for my LG TROMM WM2496HWM washing machine.

These are the part numbers for the valves:

  • Part # 5220FR2006H Hot Water Inlet valve
  • Part # 5221ER1003A Cold Water Inlet valves

I am hoping I might be able to help you out as I should have checked this first. I waited until the parts showed up and then went to swap them. When I was undoing the Hot Water inlet valve to replace it I found the inside all plugged up with rubber on the inlet filter. I have a feeling that if I had just cleaned this out it might have worked fine. Another thing I should mention is I had also been seeing a random periodic error codes, but it was random and would go away. This clog may have also been causing that issue as it has not popped up again since fixing it.

Here is where the clog was, but in this picture I already picked out most of the rubber. It was really plugged before the picture. Not sure where the rubber was from but maybe a rubber washer. You can still see smaller pieces clogging it.

LG TROMM WM2496HWM Hot water inlet plugged

Installing went pretty easy. I had the washing machine unplugged and the water turned off. I removed the connector then moved one hose at a time. This was so I did not confuse them. it was a pretty easy process.


I think I might have been able to resolve my WM2496HWM dispenser not working issue for free if I had just checked for a clog before ordering any parts. But since I had the new parts in hand I went ahead and swapped them out. Needless to say it is working fine now and I am happy I was able to get it fixed.

For reference here is the link to the LG website for the LG TROMM WM2496HWM which also has the manual https://www.lg.com/ca_en/support/support-product/lg-WM2496HWM.

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