April 17, 2024

Nvida Mining Hashrates and Power Usage.

Here are the hashrates for my Nvidia Video Cards on my mining rig.

Currently I am running 5 video cards and using Windows 10 as the OS on my mining rig.

1x    1070 ti   75% power and +707 on the memory clock
1x    1070       75% power and +699 on the memory clock
1x    1060      50% power and +129 core clock + 707 on the memory clock
2x    750ti      100% power, no other changes.

For the chart below I got the results by benchmarking with Nicehash and choosing precise setting, except for Cryptonight which I used XMR-Stak. As you can see the more you pay the better it gets. I wish I had a 1080ti to compare.

$ $$ $$$ $$$$
750 ti 1060 (6GB) 1070 1070 ti
Equihash 77.646 MH/s 282.880 MH/s 373.812 MH/s 470.002 H/s
Pascal 209.360 MH/s 683.985 MH/s 937.748 MH/s 1.123 GH/s
Decred 603.927 MH/s 1.902 GH/s 2.541 GH/s 3.039 GH/s
Sai 387.403 MH/s 1.207 GH/s 1.566 GH/s 1.884 GH/s
Lbry 46.462 MH/s 192.935 MH/s 267.380 MH/s 321.305 MH/s
Blake2s 895.817 MH/s 2.842 GH/s 3.695 GH/s 4.429 GH/s
Lyra2REv2 27.543 MH/s 35.951 MH/s 44.094 MH/s
DaggerHashimoto 23.623 MH/s 31.312 MH/s 31.925 MH/s
DaggerHashimoto/Pascal 9.00 – 504.01 MH/s 26.79 – 285.81 MH/s 29.75 – 317.33 MH/s
DaggerHashimoto/Decred 18.53 – 667.18 MH/s 28.47 – 911.28 MH/s 30.81 – 986.16 MH/s
DaggerHashimoto/Sai 19.67 – 251.88 MH/s 28.06 – 449.10 MH/s 30.51 – 489.46 MH/s
Keccak 158.843 MH/s 441.629 MH/s 673.959 MH/s 804.234 MH/s
Cryptonight * 232 H/s 536 H/s 737 H/s 740 H/s

Using my Kill-A-Watt P3 here are the power readings for the Rig.

Running  all cards on Equihash = 485 Watts           (using Nicehash)
Running all cards on Cryptonight = 355 Watts     (Using XMR-STAK)

here you can my Kill A Watt meter when mining Equihash. It bounces around a little, but stays around this range.

As you can what you are mining can make a difference in your power costs. Speaking of power… I just picked up this WattsUp? data logger. Supposedly it will monitor the power usage and log it every minute or so. I am planning to play around with it soon and will let you know how it works. I picked it up on Ebay for cheap! (25 bucks). I figure it would be cool to have it running and see the changes as the mining rig auto switches algorithms.

One nice thing about Nvidia cards I wanted to mention. You don’t have to deal with flashing the bios just to get a good mining rate. Its pretty much plug and play. I am using Afterburner now to adjust the power down and the mem clocks up. I was using precision X but it had a limit of 4 cards.

Now if your on the fence about trying out mining, and you have a recent video card. You can always go over to nicehash.com and download their program and run it and see what hash rates you get. No need to sign up and they pay out in bitcoin. Its as easy as it gets. It will just take you a while to build up to a payout amount mining on a single card. You would also need to get a bitcoin address to mine to for testing. For my first address I just downloaded the JAXX wallet to get a bitcoin address. I liked the Jaxx wallet and it is available in both android and IOS.  It handles multiple different currencies.  For a more secure and long term storage you can buy a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S.

I think this post is starting to ramble on a little to much. So I will end it and start a post later for getting started. Maybe show how to mine various coins like Sumokoin, Ethereum, Pascal Coin, Pirl and some of the many others.


Thanks for reading.