April 18, 2024
How to check Windows version

How to check Windows version (Win 10)

How to check your windows version (Win 10).

  1. Click the Windows Key and the R key at the same time. [ WIN + R ]
  2. The RUN dialog box will open
  3. enter “winver” and hit enter.
  4. You will now see your windows version.

Yep, Its that easy to get your windows version. On a side note, If you need to disable ads in your Win 10 start menu, check this post here.

If your looking to create windows 10 installation media, you can do that from this link at Microsoft. ( I am just about to do it myself so thought I would post it.) Its always handy to have a Win 10  usb installation drive. My win 10 install thumb drive was quite old, so am going to update it with the latest version of Win 10.

How to check Windows version
Yup, Its that easy….