April 16, 2024
RTX2060KO Hashrate cover

EVGA RTX2060KO Hashrate

The RTX2060KO just came out so I got my hands on one to see what the hashrate is for various algorithms. I was mainly looking for another card to mine Ravencoin with the KawPow algorithm which is extremely GPU friendly. I decided to benchmark a bunch of other algorithms while I was at it to see how it compares.


The EVGA RTX2060 KO comes in a couple different models.

The RTX 2060 KO GAMING ( 06G-P4-2066-KR) and the RTX 2060 KO ULTRA GAMING (06G-P4-2068-KR). I am reviewing the second model the “ULTRA GAMING” .  The difference between them seems to be that for the extra 20 dollars you get a 1755Mhz Boost clock on the Ultra Gaming as opposed to the 1680 MHz Boost clock on the slightly cheaper Gaming Model. Both cards suggest a 500 watt power supply and state they draw 160 Watts. Both cards have a metal backplate. One nice feature was at the time the card came with a free copy of the game Death Stranding which I gave to my son. The price I paid for the card was 329.99

RTX2060KO Hashrate

I benchmarked the RTX 2060 KO Ultra Gaming using 80% power, +50 Core clock and +300 on memory. This was using the MSI afterburner software. This is the same settings I used on the GTX 1060 which I added for a side by side comparison.

ZHashGMinerCuda9.0+37.599 Sol/s54.161 Sol/s
CuckooCycleGMinerCuda9.0+3.512 G/s
GrinCuckarood29GMinerCuda9.0+3.740 G/s5.122 G/s
EaglesongGMinerCuda9.0+.399 GH/s0.686 GH/s
GMinerCuda9.0+14.810 MH/s + 0.237 GH/s25.296 MH/s + 0.405 GH/s
CuckaroomGMinerCuda9.0+1.685 MG/s0.196 G/s
KAWPOWGMinerCuda9.0+8.966 MH/s16.560 MH/s
Cuckaroo29BFCGMinerCuda9.0+82.565 H/s123.411 H/s
BeamV3GMinerCuda9.0+11.368 Sols/s18.849 Sol/s
CuckaRooz29GMinerCuda9.0+1.800 H/s3.508 H/s
CuckooCycleNBMiner3.118 G/s5.386 G/s
GrinCuckarood29NBMiner3.171 G/s5.159 G/s
EaglesongNBMiner0.396 GH/s0.677 GH/s
DaggerHashimotoNBMiner20.944 MH/s26.878 MH/s
NBMiner81.207 MH/s + 20.302 MH/s0.263 GH/s + 26.296 MH/s
HandshakeNBMiner0.163 GH/s0.250 GH/s
NBMiner0.104 GH/s + 10.430 MH/s0.189 GH/s + 18.876 MH/s
KAWPOWNBMiner9.187 MH/s16.109 MH/s
DaggerHashimotoPhoenix21.018 MH/s27.214 MH/s


While the RTX2060KO is listed as needing a slightly larger power supply (500Watt) vs the  GTX1060 I tested with which listed the needed power supply as 400W. Both needed the 8 pin supplementary power connector. I will hook up my wattmeter and update this with the power used by each card under load. I did try running the RTX2060KO with full power on my dell which has a 480Watt power supply and it did crash is. So they are correct when stating at least 500Watt or higher if you get the RTX2060KO.


As you can see in the table above. The RTX2060 KO Ultra Gaming is a dramatic improvement over the older GTX1060. So far there is a lot I love about this card. Its a win for me with the price (329.00). It also came with a decent free game which at the time of purchase was 59.99 on steam. The card feels solid and I have had no issues with it so far.  Plus I do like EVGAs warranty and customer service which I have used in the past.

The downsides. What I would change on this card is the heatsink and fans. They just seem a little small for the card as I do hear some Fan noise when ramped up during mining. Its not horrible or anything, just not as quiet as the GTX1060 (By a noticeable amount). For most miners i do not think this would be an issue. For most gamers I doubt it would bother them if it ramped up a little during a game. But if you want a super silent card for a HTPC i would look at a different solution. Also if your case does not have adequate venting you may want a different card as the fans will probably stay ramped up more to keep it cool.

As a side note, After doing the testing I noticed the RTX2060KO Hashrate is more in line with my GTX 1070ti I am using when running the KawPow Algorithm. I will do a full benchmark on my GTX1070TI and add it to the table soon as well in this post, or just do a RTX2060KO vs GTX1070ti post. I think that might be a better comparison of what you are getting for this price range.

If you want some specific information on mining Kawpow with a GTX1060 you can see this post here. And here is the link to the EVGA website for full specs for the RTX2060KO Ultra Gaming I reviewed in this post.