April 16, 2024
Latest T-Rex x16r hashrates

Latest T-Rex x16r Hashrates

Latest T-Rex x16r Hashrates

I thought I would just keep a continual log of the latest T-Rex x16R hashrates for mining Ravencoin. Since they update the Trex miner frequently I will just keep updating this post with the latest hashrates I am seeing.

The current version of T-Rex miner is Trex 0.12.1

One thing I want to mention is that the T-Rex miner now has an update feature built in and I no longer needed to manually go and download the newest version. In addition they also have a nice browser display like the picture above with some neat features such as graphing.

So you don’t have to scroll down, latest version is on top, and overclock settings below it.

24 hour average Hashrates – T-Rex 0.12.1 mining x16R ( Ravencoin )

Coin Worker 24 Hour
Ravencoin EVGA_gtx1070ti_8GB 20.53 Mh/s
Ravencoin EVGA_gtx1060_SSC_6GB 12.19 Mh/s
Ravencoin MSI_gtx1060_6GB 11.86 Mh/s
Ravencoin EVGA_gtx1060_3GB 10.6 Mh/s
Ravencoin HP_909616 10.33 Mh/s
Ravencoin EVGA_gtx750ti 4.18 Mh/s

Overclock settings.

For reference here is what i have my power settings at for the cards above. I lower the power settings to save on pawer as it does not make much difference to the hashrate. To change the power settings I use the Afterburner app. My miner is running on Windows 10.

  • 1070ti = Power 70%, CPU +69, Mem +0
  • 1060 6GB = Power 65%, CPU +69, Mem +0
  • 1060 3GB = Power 65%, CPU +69, Mem +0
  • 750ti = Power 100%, CPU +0, Mem +0


One thing I like about the newer T-Rex version is the web browser display and auto update feature. The update feature was super easy to use with no manual downloading from Git needed.

.bat file example

Here is an example of my .bat file used to run the program for reference. Currently running 6 cards as you can see by the -d option.  I am mining on the minermore.com pool.

t-rex -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://us.rvn.minermore.com:4501 -u [username].[worker] -d 0,1,2,3,4,5 -p x

I expect this post to grow as more versions of T-Rex miner come out. So I did not add the older versions hash-rates as I had them in previous posts. But I have seen improvements as they have been updating T-Rex miner.

In Conclusion

One thing I want to note is that I do not run a active crypto wallet or store private info on my mining rig that runs closed source software like this. This is due to not being 100% sure if they are safe from snooping. While I have no reason to suspect any of the mining programs I have used in the past have issues, I prefer the better safe then sorry approach. In other words you can never be to safe.

If you are interested in Ravencoin and want to make a view-only wallet you can check out this post I made here.

One of the things I like about Ravencoin is its an open source project, with no Premine or ICO.  Ravencoin also has some great dev’s working on the software. In addition it is based off of bitcoin which has a great track record. Its main use case will be for security tokens and will have assets, messaging and dividends built in. It is super easy to register a unique asset and make a token.  I wont go into too much detail here, but I think its worth checking out if your into crypto mining. They have a great community that is super helpful. If you need help you can just reach out on Twitter #ravencoin or on their Telegram channel.