April 18, 2024
Final stamp ColdTi bitcoin wallet

ColdTi titanium wallet review.

ColdTi titanium wallet review.

I was recently looking for a way to back up my seed words for my Bitcoin and other crypto with something more permanent then paper. So I started looking into metal cold wallets. One of the ones I saw that I really like was the ColdTi Titanium Recovery seed backup wallet. The kit comes with two titanium plates and screws to hold them together along with some tamper proof labels.

ColdTi titanium wallet packaging

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Here are a few advantages I found for the ColdTi titanium wallet.

Titanium has a melting point of 3,034°F.  While a quick search of google told me the average house fire gets up to 1,100°F.

The second feature was the low price. (I saw some wallets that allow you to place individual letters into the wallet and seal them. But with the ColdTi being just a metal plate I stamp they were able to keep the price down. Since I was going to be looking for a few backups, this worked out better for me.)

Here is what I ordered to get started, including the ColdTi titanium plates and a stamping block and stamping kit.

  • 3mm lowercase kit
  • 2mm lowercase kit
  • ColdTi titanium recovery seed wallet.
  • Steel Stamping block.

(I already had a decent heavy hammer, and think most any hammer will work.) But  I do see they make stamping hammers like this.

ColdTi Titanium wallet review2

Stamping the ColdTi titanium wallet

I started by ordering 3mm stamping kit and then realized that i might be better off using something smaller, so I also ordered the 2mm so I would be able to compare and use the best option.  I think the 3mm would work, but it would be a tight fit. I ended up using the 2mm. Here you can see the size difference.

3mm vs 2mm stamp comparison ColdTi 2


Stamping was pretty easy. I used some painters tape to keep the words in a straight line, I just would touch the stamp to the plate and slide it down until I felt the bottom of the letter hit the tape. and also made some marks on the tape to help with the spacing.

ColdTi recovery seed wallet review

Then I just gave it a single hard WHACK! It went pretty easy, the only issue being that my family didn’t like the noise as I was in the kitchen. So I ended up waiting until they were asleep. (lol, just kidding) It was pretty noisy, so ended up doing it in a different room.

So how does it look!

Here you can see i did the top btc letters with the 2mm stamp kit.  I did the lower btc with the 3mm kit. Both looked great and I dont think i would have any trouble reading them in the future. The stamping was clear and deep. The first hit I made was the upper b with the 2mm, and you can see that one was not as hard. I adjusted after that to put a little more power in my tap.

ColdTi back stamped

ColdTi titanium wallet summary

Unfortunatly i am not able to show you the final product as I dont want to share my seed words :-).  But overall I am really happy with how these turned out. Plus it is a nice relief to know I dont have to 100% rely on my encrypted USB backups, and paper with my seeds. I give the ColdTi Titanium Wallet two big thumbs up!

Final stamp ColdTi bitcoin wallet

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