February 25, 2024
AAAwave 8 GPU frame

AAAwave 8 GPU mining frame review and assembly.

Here is my AAAwave 8 GPU mining rig frame review.

Why I chose this model:

I ordered this AAAwave 8 GPU frame from Amazon which included the fans. They make a few different models, and there were a few reasons I chose this frame over some of the other ones even though I only currently have 5 GPUs running. The first was if you look at the 6 GPU case they sell (along with some other brands as well) the support bar for the GPU’s does not extend all the way back and it looks a little flimsy. I am not sure if that is the case, but this one looked to support them better.  The second was price, they have the 8 GPU frame for 109.99, but then it sells for 119.99 if you buy the model which includes the 6 fans. (So 6 x 120MM fans for an additional 10 bucks. Not a bad deal). So that’s the one I went with.

The delivery:

While it did have free delivery, The downside of ordering the model with the fans was it was not an Amazon prime item when I was shopping, so it was not free 2 day delivery.  This was fine for me as it was worth it to get the model with the fans. Shipping took 10 days from my order date.  Here is the box it came in.

The Unboxing:

I must say, I was super impressed with the packaging.  The frame was neatly packaged in a separate box from the Fans.

I liked the name of the frame “The Dredge” . I think that might end up being the name for my Rig, which is currently named “Charles Miner” (Any Office Fans reading this?).

Here you can see the box opened and how neatly packed everything is.

Here are all the parts pulled out of the box. Very well packaged.

Here you can see they included a small plastic case for all the small parts. They were labeled for easy identification.

Here are the 6 Artic F12 120mm Fans.

I saw some reviews that people complained about metal shavings in the box. I also had some metal shavings when I started taking the parts out and assembling them. I am not sure if other people had more shavings then I did, as I did not think it was that bad. It may have been worse for some people. Just be careful to make sure you do not get them on your computer parts or your eyes.  Here is a picture that shows some of the shavings on the table. As a side note. My mining rig was due for a cleaning so before transferring the parts to this new frame, I did blow them off to remove dust. When I was doing this I also took the opportunity to blow off the newly assembled frame to make sure no metal shavings were on it.

I noticed for assembly that they included some white cotton gloves. This was a nice touch. I am not sure if they were for protection or for keeping finger prints off the Acrylic. I found them to be a little small for my hands, but I usually wear an XL glove size.

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