April 16, 2024

29 Dollar PC Makeover!

Here it is, the $29* Dollar PC Makeover   ( *After I receive my $20 Rebate)

OK, I don’t like rebates, but it is what it is. As it stands at the moment it is a $45 + tax +Free shipping Makeover.  So at the moment a $49 Makeover with a 20 dollar rebate that should be coming in the mail. When I get my 20 dollars back I will update this. Wow,that’s a mouthful. So lets get on with it,  as it turned out really well. [Update 7-5-18:  Well the rebate company went out of Business, But Newegg emailed me and they would cover the rebate. I got the rebate check promptly after the email. That’s one of the things I worry about with Rebates, but good customer service by Newegg. ]

The starting point.

This is the PC I am upgrading. It belongs to a family member and I am almost to ashamed to post the picture. Its got decent guts, but the case has been very abused.  The only good thing I can say about it, is that no one would want to steal this PC.

The $29 Makeover PC starting point.

When you look inside the beat up case, its not to bad (After I blew out all the dust bunnies). Its an AMD FX 6300 Six core processor, 8G ram and a Gigabyte GTX 1060 video card on an ASUS Motherboard. Everything is crammed inside and not much care was taken on the cable management.  But its not a bad PC. It just needs a makeover.

$29 Makeover PC – The guts look good. A nice GTX 1060

Here is our new tempered glass DIYPC case. It came well packaged in a sturdy box. It was the DIYPC IllusionI-BL Model.

$29 Makeover PC – New case packaging.

The case had good protection inside the box as well. Which is good as the panels are glass and I would hate to have had one show up broken.

$29 Makeover PC – Looks well protected.

Here is what it looks like before I start the install. It has the two tempered glass panels. One on the front and one on the left side as shown. Two USB 3.0 connectors up top, and 4x 120mm LED Fans.

$29 Makeover PC – great first impression after unboxing.

Looking at the new case I see some things I liked right off the bat.  A big thumbs up for having a power supply shroud.

$29 Makeover PC – Lots of room inside.

Here is a shot of the other side. It also has lots of space to mount SSD drives (Which will probably be a future upgrade for this PC) Also it appears to have long enough cables and nice holes for cable management.

$29 Makeover PC – Nice SSD mounting areas.

Another nice feature is the removable dust screen on the top.

$29 Makeover PC – Top dust screen

And another dust screen on the bottom.

$29 Makeover PC – – Bottom dust screen.
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