April 18, 2024

GhostFish Brewing Grapefruit IPA review.

Just thought I would do a quick review of GhostFish Brewing Company Grapefruit IPA Gluten-Free beer. I was working on the 4Runner last night, and decided to check the fridge as I was a little thirsty. Low and behold on the bottom shelf I found my wife had bought some beer. This was kinda odd as my wife is gluten intolerant, so does not usually purchase beer unless its for me, and then she gets something I usually buy. Anyways, I was checking out the can of Ghostfish brewing IPA and seeing it was a Gluten-free beer. IPA’s are probably my favorite beer so decided to see what it taste like.

(Warning please follow your local laws regarding any alcohol purchase or consumption. Please drink responsibly. Where I live you have to be 21 years of age, which I am. I just tried it and liked it so thought I would post a couple pictures. Plus I thought it was neat to find such a great tasting gluten-free beer that I could enjoy with my wife.)

GhostFish Brewing Grapefruit IPA

Looking at the can I saw they mentioned they are brewed in Seattle Washington at a dedicated Gluten-Free Brewery.  This is great as I know cross contamination can be a risky especially for allergies and such. So I decided to try one out to see if it was any good. It was a packaged as a 4 pack instead of a typical 6 pack, and I have no idea how much it costs yet, but my guess is my wife picked it up at the Total Wine store.

Ghostfish Brewing IPA 4pack


Since my wife does not eat gluten I have had my share of Gluten free products. Some are good, but some are pretty bad. So I was not sure which end of the spectrum this beer would fall under. Here is a shot after popping one open.

Ghostfish Brewing IPA opened can


It has a great smell to it like all IPA’s and I could get the faint whiff of grapefruit.  Here is an action shot of me pouring it. It had a nice color and that hoppy smell I like. Just sitting in the glass and smelling it I would not be able to tell it was Gluten-Free.

Ghostfish Brewing IPA action shot of pouring beer into glass.


I have to say after tasting the beer I could not tell it was any different then an IPA that has Gluten. This was just a GREAT tasting beer. As a matter of fact, I would say its on the top of my lists now of favorite beers. Plus the really cool thing is that with it being Gluten-Free my wife and I can now have a beer together.

Ghostfish Brewing Grapefruit IPA


I found GhostFish Brewing Company’s Grapefruit IPA to be a great tasting beer.  As for it being Gluten-Free I could not detect that fact causing any detriment in taste. When my wife came home she tried it and loved it as well. It is pretty hoppy tasting like most IPA’s which I really liked and that flavor went great with the grapefruit tones.  But I think one of the main things was that it was really nice to be able to chat and have a beer together like we used to be able to do, before she became gluten intolerant. That is really the main reason for this post. I hope this might help someone else who may be looking for a great tasting Gluten free beer. On a side note, I think I will be taking my wife down to the Ghostfish brewery to check it out as it looks like they have a nice taproom and serve food as well. I will post a few pictures here once we do that.