April 16, 2024
RTX3080 extra heatsink and fan setup

RTX 3080 FE KawPow Hashrate

Mining KAWPOW with a RTX 3080 FE

I just picked up a new RTX 3080 Founders Edition that I am using to mine Ravencoin using the KAWPOW algorithm. Here are my results in case you are wondering what the RTX 3080 Kawpow hashrate is.

I do want to mention I made some adjustments to my RTX 3080 FE card to add some more cooling. See this link for the heatsink I added.


Hardware specs on my system are as follows in case you were wondering

  • Motherboard – Gigabyte AX370 Gaming
  • CPU – Ryzen 7 1700
  • RAM – 32 GB
  • GPU – RTX 3080 Founders Edition
  • Power Supply – EVGA 1000 GQ (A little overkill I know.)


While I usually use the Kawpow miner on my desktop. When I tried it with the RTX 3080FE it would not recognize it. So I went ahead and did this testing using the TREX v0.19.12 miner.  I used the Cuda 11 version.

Hash – vs – Noise – vs – Heat

One thing to mention. My main goal is to keep the card somewhat quiet as its in my office PC and I do not want to listen to the noise. So far I have added some extra heat sinks and an additional pci slot fan cooler blowing at the card.   Both of these changes has helped bring down the temp and fan speed. Although not as much as I had hoped. Wanting to bring down the GPU Memory Junction temps which run high on these cards, I also ordered some new Thermal pads.  ( Currently waiting for them to show up). I will update the post once I get the thermal pads.

Here is a picture of my current setup.

RTX3080 extra heatsink and fan setup


Here are the results I am seeing. They do slightly vary as when I use the my desktop the hash rate does seem to drop 1-3 MH/s as it is my only video card on the system.  The results are from running it while not using the PC. Also I had the memory and CPU at a slight overclock. The fan speed is what the fan was running at while mining. I think 55% is as much as i can handle in my office. My goal is to get it under 50%.

Power Core/mem Fan Speed GPU Temp Mem Junc Avg Hashrate Power
80% +106/+309 55 54C 103.2C 45.21 MH/s 255W
75% +106/+309 53 53C 102.1C 42.96 MH/s 240W
70% +106/+309 52 51C 99.7C 39.70 MH/s 223W


So far I am pretty happy so far with the RTX 3080 Kawpow hashrate and fan speed at 55%. I hope the thermal pad mod will bring down the temps and fan speed even more. As I mentioned before I will do a post on the thermal pads with some pictures and temps once they show up. As for Eth, I have tried it, but the fan really cranks up and gets to noisy for me. So I plan to do my testing on that after the pad mod. But even then, I will probably still mine Ravencoin as I really enjoy the project. You can check out more information on Ravencoin at the foundation link here.