February 25, 2024
Hitfilm no sound on export - fixed

Hitfilm No audio when exporting.

I just wanted to do a quick post on a HITFILM no audio issue I was having when exporting.  Hoping this might just help you if your having this issue. I had been trying to export my video using Hitfilm and kept coming up with no sound when exporting. For the record my audio and video I was exporting were both mp4. I was using Hitfilm Express 2017 Version 5.0.7012.39363 

Hitfilm no audio when exporting issue:

I had imported an MP4 video and extracted the audio from it to add to my existing video. But when I would export it, I would not have any sound in the exported video. To fix my Hitfilm no audio on export issue,  I had to change the sample rate in the project tab to 44,100 Hz. I made this change I was able to export the video with sound. 

Here is a quick snapshot of the change of the sampling rate to get it to work for me. This took me a while to get it fixed so wanted to post something in case someone else is searching for the answer. 

Hitfilm no audio on export - fixed

I hope this helps! Here is a link to the HITFILM forum where you can find more help. 

So far I am really liking Hitfilm Express as a free option for video editing. I am just scratching the surface of the all the options available so far. It seems like a pretty powerful free video editor.  (I am just learning as I go and using it to edit some videos for youtube. ). I have not ventured into any of the available add-on packs that you can purchase yet.  But it there looks to be a lot of useful options to unlock if needed. I plan to try some in the future and will review them if it looks like it might be helpful.

Also here is a tip if your starting to see ad’s in your windows 10 start menu and want to remove them.  

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If you happen to be looking for some free image editing software, the two I would recommend are GIMP and KRITA. I use both of them for editing pictures on my blog. They are also a great free option for image optimization for any images you are posting on the web. 

That concludes the post for “Hitfilm No audio when exporting.”. I hope it is helpful!