December 3, 2022
Arctic F12 fan

SilverStone PWM Fan Hub Review

Here is my review of the Silverstone PWM Fan Hub (CPF04).

I just recently purchased the Silverstone  PWM Fan hub as, I recently put together the AAAwave Dredge mining rig frame (AAAwave Frame + 6 x Artic Fans) and found out I needed a way to power the 6qty 120mm Arctic F12 fans that came with it.

Here is the Silverstone fan hub I purchased and am reviewing: HERE

I paid $13.45 for it which seemed like a good price once I had started looking at the price for Splitters and pigtail cables. The thing I liked about the Silverstone Fan hub was it would power up to 8 fans. It also would not need to run the power through the motherboard. It does allow you to control the fan speed, but I was not really interested in that. I just wanted them to run full speed and keep my cards cool. My hopes are to lighten the load of my video card fans on the mining rig, keeping the cards cooler and lasting longer.

Here it is. It was shipped with Amazon prime 2 day shipping and showed up in a bubble wrap package. No complaints on the shipping.

Here is what is included in the packaging.


It could not be easier to hook up. I just plugged it into a SATA power supply connector and then plugged in my fans. I only have 6 fans, but the hub allows up to 8. Here in the picture you can see I just got lazy and mounted with a tie wrap. I plan to do some cable management soon to clean everything up. Just wanted to make sure everything is running fine first.


At this point, I don’t have much to say in this review. I will keep it short and sweet. It does what I expected and wanted it to do. It uses a SATA power connector instead of the older molex that some other models used. I already noticed it is keeping the cards cooler,  especially when I run dual algorithms which tend to use more power. Plus the power does not go through the motherboard which is just something I like. Long term these 120MM fans will be easier to replace then the fans on the video cards. So I don’t mind running these at full speed, but was hesitant to run the video card fans at 80-100% all the time. I am very happy with the purchase and the price. If I have any issues I will update this post.

Thanks and Happy mining 🙂