April 16, 2024

LG 34UM68-P wont power on

I love my LG 34UM68-P ultrawide screen monitor. But after removing the power from the back to move it off my desk without powering off the monitor first, I was sad to find my LG 34UM68-P Wont power on. I was so disappointed as it was also out of warranty. I am glad to say it is finally fixed.

The problem: LG 34UM68-P Wont power on.

(This post is for entertainment purposes only, If you do not know what you are doing you should have a professional fix your monitor as you could injure yourself or damage your property. )

Not sure why, but for some reason after removing the power without powering it off from the monitor (I just unplugged it from the back) My LG 34UM68-P Wont power on. The little purple light still glows at the bottom of the monitor, but otherwise it is dead. It was disappointing as I love this monitor and use it everyday for fun and work. I even tried swapping it out with a Samsung 34 inch Ultrawide that had higher resolution, but it just did not look as good to me. I like the IPS panel of the LG over the VA panel of the Samsung.  For the me 2560×1080 resolution of the LG 34UM68-P is perfect. Especially when paired with another 27inch LCD at 1920×1080. For me its a perfect setup for my desk.

Ok, back to the issue.

Since I didn’t like my new replacement monitor I decided to try fixing the LG 34UM68-P. I took the stand off, then removed the back panel. Once I looked inside I figured the problem would be the main board a EAX66876002 (1.0) or the power button board which looks like the number was EAX65469603 (It was hard to read as it was so small). So first I took some closeup pictures and zoomed in and looked for broken solder joints, or issues. I found nothing that looks bad. The capacitors also visibly looked fine.

LG 34UM68-P EAX66876002 main board and power board
Quick inspection inside the LG 34UM68-P


Finally after not finding anything I figured I would have to get a new main board and try it out. Looking on the internet I could not find the EAX66876002 for sale. I did find some EAX66876001 for sale but looking at the picture, it was missing one of the connectors I needed. Not sure what that model is for.


The fix for this wasn’t free.  What I ended up doing was finding a broken LG 34UM68-P on eBay with a cracked screen and buying it for $50 dollars. I swapped out the mainboard first and that fixed the issue. Snapped the back cover back on and I was good to go. The monitor is working perfect again. I do count myself lucky for being able to find a broken monitor to grab a mainboard from. Here is a picture of me about to swap it out.

new EAX66876002 board about to be installed

Side note: I did read somewhere that the LG 29UM68-P board would also work but I can not verify that. I was just informed by someone who saw this that the LG 29UM68-P version of the board is missing half of the power circuit for the LCD backlight, So do not get that version if you have the LG 34UM68-P (Thanks for the heads up! Super appreciated!). But I was keeping an eye out for one of those as well and was going to investigate further if I found one.  Anyways glad my LG 34UM68-P monitor not powering on issue is finally fixed.

For reference here is the link to the LG website for the manual and specs.

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