April 16, 2024
Herman Miller Aeron Forward Tilt Cover

Aeron Forward Tilt

The Herman Miller Aeron Forward Tilt can be a little hard to engage and is not very intuitive if you have not used it before. Here is how to engage it if you have this option on your Herman Miller Aeron chair.

Not all Herman Miller Aeron’s come with the Forward Tilt option. First you will want to make sure you have that option available. To verify you should see two levers on the left side of the chair (As you are sitting in it). The lever towards the front of the chair is the forward tilt lever.

Herman Miller Forward tilt lever

How to operate Herman Miller Aeron Forward Tilt.

  1. First recline in your Herman Miller Aeron chair with both Levers the Recline and Forward tilt pushed to the bottom.  (as in the picture above.)
  2. While reclined in your chair. The Aeron Forward Tilt lever should be able to be pulled up to the stopping point as in the picture below.

Aeron Forward tilt lever engaged

3. With the forward tilt lever up, lean forward and your chair will now tilt forward. You will notice it goes forward beyond what it did with the lever down.

4. If you want to lock your Aeron in the forward tilt position. Pull up on the recline lever all the way to the top as in the picture below. Both The forward tilt and Recline levers are now at the top. Now you are locked in the forward tilt position.

Aeron forward tilt locked and engaged


I find I like the locked in Forward Tilt position when I am using my computer for an extended period of time and need to stay focused. It seems to be more productive for me than sitting back in a more relaxed position. I tend to alternate in and out of it throughout the day.

If your having issues with your Aeron not reclining this blog article I wrote about fixing mine may come in handy. Herman Miller Aeron tilt fix.