April 16, 2024
ipconfig -all example

How to find your mac address windows 10

How to find your MAC address Windows 10

Getting the Mac address for your network interface card (NIC card) is really easy in windows 10.

  1. Open a cmd window prompt. (You can do this by hitting the “windows” key then just type in cmd and hit enter.
  2.  At the command prompt type in ipconfig /all
  3.  Look at the output for your interface card. It will probably be called Ethernet Adaptor.
  4.   I Highlighted my Mac address in yellow in the picture below for my Ethernet port. (Ignore the first adaptor as I have docker installed. You may also have some extra adaptors and will need to chose the one you are looking for.)

MAC address Windows 10 - ipconfig -all example

You can also save the output to a file by using the command ipconfig /all > filename.txt It will place the file in your current directory.

If you want to see all the options available for ipconfig, you can do the command ipconfig ?

Another way to find your Mac address Windows 10 is with the CLI command getmac

This command will list the MAC addresses for your Network adaptors.  Here is an example of the output.

Win 10 getmac command

If you are looking for a way to change your MTU size, you can see this post here.

If you need information on more commands. Here is a nice list of Microsoft windows commands LINK.