April 16, 2024
HP Pavilion Keyboard not working

HP Pavilion p033cl Keyboard not working

HP Pavilion 15 p033cl Keyboard not working

I just recently swapped out a hard drive and re-installed Windows 10 on a HP Pavilion 15 p033cl laptop. After the Windows 10 install the keyboard was working fine. Then it did a windows update and found the p033cl keyboard not working.

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This is how I was able to fix my issue. First I verified that the keyboard was still functioning by restarting and hitting esc to see if I could get into the setup menu. This did work so I knew the keyboard did function and my cables did not come lose after swapping the hard drive.

Next I plugged in a mouse and then turned on the built in Windows on screen keyboard.

start menu –> Windows Ease of access –> On screen keyboard

Then I navigated to control panel device manager.

You can just right click the start button and then click device manager.

Once in device manager I could see the keyboard and touchpad had the yellow warning icons.

HP Pavilion 15 p033cl keyboard not working

The error I was seeing was “Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

HP Pavilion Keyboard not working

To fix it, I right clicked on the Keyboard and clicked properties. Then I went to the Driver tab.

First I tried to update the drivers and that did not resolve the issue. So I uninstalled the device.  I did this for both the touchpad and the keyboard. One of them gave me the option to delete the driver during the uninstall and I did chose that as well.

HP Pavilion 15 p033cl keyboard not working device manager


After removing the devices and rebooting the laptop the keyboard was working again. It reinstalled everythign correctly. I guess during the windows update something went wonky on the laptop and the drivers or software got messed up. Hope someone else finds this helpful.

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