April 16, 2024

Toyota Yaris dashboard cupholder replacement. (Hatchback)

I was replacing the dashboard cup holder in my 2008 Toyota Yaris Hatchback as it had been broken for a bit. If you drive a Yaris you know it has a lot of cup holders. But I really like the one in front of the vents in the dash, and its the one that broke.

Yaris Cupholder part numbers

When I went to look for a replacement I had a little trouble finding the part numbers. So thought I would share them in case anyone else runs across this issue.

Drivers side cupholder (Left) part # : 55618-52050-B0
Passenger side cupholder (Right) part # : 55619-52030-B0

Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible if you damage your car or injure yourself if you try to follow what I did. If you are unsure on what you are doing please seek out a professional to assist. (I am not a professional mechanic 🙂 )

Here is a picture of my broken Yaris cupholder.

So searching the net I found the part number I needed and got a new one ordered. It was ~50 bucks shipped. I needed the drivers side, which was part #  55618-52050-B0 . Be careful as the part number is slightly different between the right and left side cupholders.

Here is the cupholder after being removed from the box.


Opening the package I was glad to see it was what I needed.


Now to remove the old one, Since the upper brackets were already broke, I just had to pop the old one out by releasing the clips on the bottom. I circled them below.

I just used a screwdriver and was not worried about scratching anything. I thought about wrapping it with tape to be more careful. But I was not worried about it.

Not very exciting, but here is me removing the left clip…

Then I did the same with the right clip.  Wow, does that cupholder look gross. I need to give the car a good detail.

Now just shove the hook portions into the associated holes and push the clips on for the bottom and it is installed. Pretty easy fix and I have a place for my morning coffee again.

Anyways… That’s it… here are the part numbers again…. Enjoy your Yaris!  I love mine. Its a great commuter car.

Drivers side cupholder (Left) part # : 55618-52050-B0
Passenger side cupholder (Right) part # : 55619-52030-B0