April 17, 2024

Installing dashboard cupholder in 98 4runner. (55620-35050)

I finally got around to replacing my broken dashboard cupholder in my 98 Toyota 4runner.

I wish I would have done it earlier as it was really an easy fix. I thought I would post a couple pictures to show how I did it. It was really easy to remove the old and insert the new one without taking apart the dash. On a side note my 4runner is at 281,000 miles and still running strong.

Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only. If you are unsure how to do this you should seek professional assistance. I am not a professional mechanic. 

Ok, now that the disclaimer is taken care of 🙂

I ordered mine on Ebay as I did not initially see them on Amazon. But that was really because my Amazon search did not include the part number (55620-35050). Amazon does indeed carry them if you search for that part number last I checked.

Here is my broken 4runner cupholder.

I actually had popped in the new one, then realized I should probably snap a few pictures to share, so I put the old one back in for these pictures and example. It is really just a couple minute job. But you will see some scratches by the clips on the new one and that is why.


If you look at the image you can see the cupholder has a couple tabs that need to be released to pull out the old one.


To accomplish this you just need a thin tool to insert above the cupholder to release the clips. This could be a putty knife or what I used was a ruler that was about 1/16″ thick. First I released the right side by inserting the ruler and pulling on the old cupholder.

4runner cupholder replacement
4runner cupholder replacement

Then I inserted the ruler on the left side and pulled. The cupholder then released and came out.

Once the old cupholder was removed, I was able to just push in the new one.

I was really surprised at how easy it was. Hopefully this new one lasts 280,000 miles as well.

Hope you find this useful. It’s really nice having my cupholder back.