April 18, 2024

Toyota 4Runner Cheat Sheet

I was tired of looking for my  notebook in the garage to look these up. So thought I would just put my notes in a Toyota 4Runner Cheat sheet page so I had easy access. (These are for MY 97 4Runner V6 4WD from my personal notebook, please check your specs and your owners manual as your values may be different !) I seem to find different values when I look online depending on site I am looking at. These were just what I had written in my notebook. You should check your owners manual for your values as they can also vary on model type, 2WD vs 4WD , engine size etc…

Engine: 5VZ-FE V6 3.4L

Brake Fluid : DOT 3

Power steering Fluid: 0.9qt Dexron III ATF.

Transmission: A340F
Dexron III ATF
15ft/lbs Drain plug
Dry Fill = 10.8qt
Drain + Fill = 2.1qt

Fuel Tank: 18.5 Gallon

Chassis Grease:  NLGI No 2 Lithium Based Chassis Grease

Coolant : I used the Toyota Red stuff for my new radiator (Not pre-mixed). People seem to have differing opinions on what is best. I prefer not to mix brands.

OIL Change

Engine OIL : 5w30
Capacity: 5.5qt w/Filter
Filter Part Number : 90915-YZZG1
Drain Plug =  My notes said 29ft/lbs (But I have seen as low as 20ft/lbs online)

Transfer Case : VF3AM
GL5 75W-90 Gear Oil.
1.3qt Drain and fill
27 ft/lbs

Front Diff:
GL5 75W – 90 hypoid gear oil
1.2qt Drain and fill
Fill Plug 29ft/lbs
Drain Plug 48 ft/lbs

Rear Diff:
GL5 75W-90 hypoid gear oil
2.6qt Drain and Fill

Spark Plugs:
Spark Plug Gap : 1.1mm (.043 inches)

Instrument cluster bulb:
Part Number : 90981-11018 (Charged 4.99 at dealership) Tried a couple different name brands from autopart stores and they were slightly to big. I have had bulbs to replace in the shifter area to be able to see the PRNDL at night. Behind the heater panel and in the dash. But I do have over 280,000 miles now, so I cant complain.

Radiator : This is the Radiator I bought to replace mine after searching forums.
Koyorad A1998
While technically my radiator was not bad yet, I was reading horror stories about the “Strawberry milkshake”. Basically the Radiator also cools the transmission fluid. And some people have experienced a situation with the coolant and the transmission fluid mixing and which can cause transmission troubles. Since I had a LOT of miles on my 4runner, I figured it was worth it to go ahead and swap out for a new one.  More of a preventive maintenance.  Another alternative would be run a separate transmission cooler.

Center Dash Cup Holder : Mine broke , I just swapped it out with one from Ebay… I will find the part number and put it on here. Cost was 55.00 , I did not check the dealership.  It was an easy swap. Just used a putty knife for the install. You insert the putty knife on the top to push down on a clip and it pulls right out. Wish I had taken a picture.