August 10, 2020
iphone 11 error fix for freeze during photo transfer

Iphone photo transfer freeze win10 FIX!

If your having trouble transferring your pictures off your iPhone in Windows 10, I was able to fix this with a quick settings change. The problem was a setting on the iPhone itself. After changing it, my iPhone photo transfer freeze issue was resolved.

The problem:

I was trying to transfer pictures and video files off my wifes iPhone 11 to our Windows 10 pc. Every time I would grab the files they would start up then freeze after a minute or two. I did notice it would usually freeze up when trying to transfer a .MOV video file. I would also get an error that stated the “A Device Attached to the System is Not Functioning”. I tried repeating the task and re-plugging in the Iphone and moving just a few files at a time. But the same issue would pop up.

I even resorted to trying my windows 10 laptop and another desktop along with a new cable. Still no luck and I would still get the “Device is unreachable” or A Device Attached to the System is Not Functioning. The problem for the iPhone freezing with this message during file transfers ended up being a setting on the iPhone for “Transfer to Mac or PC” Once I changed it I had no problems and was able to transfer all my files in a large bunch.

The Fix for iPhone photo transfer freeze in windows 10

To fix this I did the following.

1. Disconnect the iPhone from your windows PC.

2. Go to the iPhone settings menu.

go into settings

3. Scroll down and click Photos.

Iphone menu - Photos

4. Scroll down and find “Transfer to Mac or PC

Default is Automatic

5. Change it from the default of Automatic to “Keep Originals

Change to Keep Originals to fix iphone photo transfer freeze


That was it, once I made that change I was able to plug my Iphone back into my PC and transfer all the photos and videos at once. It took a while to figure this out, so thought I would do a quick post in hopes someone with the same issue stumbles across it.

UPDATE: I did find more info on the Apple discussion forum here for this iphone photo transfer freeze i was seeing. It appears this may be a bug of some sort. Also when you use the “Keep Originals” setting it appears it will transfer the files in the native “High Efficiency” format. This may have trouble on some devices. For me it was fine for what I needed. I have had this freezing issue on both iPhone 11 and iPhone SE when transferring pictures to my Windows 10 machines.

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