October 24, 2021

aptX not staying enabled on Galaxy FIX

I just bought a new Bluetooth headset that was aptX enabled. I was anxious to try it out, but when I set my Galaxy S8+ to “aptX” in developer options it would just default back “SBC”. For reference I am running Android 9.

Here is how I was able to fix it. It was not that hard, but thought I would do a quick post.  Just in case anyone else ran into this issue as it might save you a little time. The short summary of the solution was I needed to turn off Dual audio before enabling aptX.

Basically I had my headphones connected to Bluetooth and then did the following.

  1. First Go into the standard Bluetooth menu and then Choose Advanced up at the top right.
  2. Find the setting for Dual audio and toggle it to off.
  3. Now go into Developer options and Find Bluetooth Audio Codec.
  4. Change it to aptX and i could hear it cut out the sound in my headphones as it switched codecs.


After that I was able to go out of the menu and come back in and it would stay as aptX.  I did notice that once I disconnected my headset it did default back to SBC when I looked at the menu. But when I would pair the headset back up it would auto switch to aptX.

disable dual audio

Now I can listen in aptX mode with no issues.  I do not have the problem with aptX switching back to default when I enable it.

APTx enabled and not switching back to default now

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