RITOCOIN Hashrate with Trex miner and GTX 1070ti

Just tried mining some Ritocoin with T-Rex on my GTX 1070ti and wanted to share my hashrate in case anyone was wondering what you get with a 1070ti and x21s. 

Ritocoin is kind of a spinoff/copy of Ravencoin but uses the x21s Algorithm. I really am a fan of Ravencoin which uses x16r, but was curious and wanted to try Ritocoin to see the hashrate for x21s. For the rates I show below I am using the T-Rex miner version 0.8.5 and was mining on the MinerMore pool. (I am also a fan of the MinerMore pool as they really have a nice layout and appear to have great support)

With my GTX 1070 ti I am getting a 24 hour average hashrate of 13.15Mh/s

My GTX 1070ti card settings were CPU +69 Mem +0 Power 70% and it runs around 62C for temp.

This was enough to accumulate 1094 Ritocoins in 24 hours with the current difficulty of ~ 1235 when I checked in the screenshot below. But the difficulty does vary. 

Here is a quick snapshot of the GTX 1070ti running with Trex 0.8.5.

Mining RITOCOIN with EVGA GTX 1070ti and T-Rex 0.8.5 

Here is a quick snapshot of the settings I was using on my EVGA GTX 1070ti.

Other cards hashrates.

I was still mining Ravencoin (RVN) with my other cards as I wrote this, but will go ahead and benchmark all of the cards now on RITO and post the results soon.  (Its a combo of 3gb and 6gb GTX 1060’s and GTX 1070 and GTX 750ti. ). I also see T-Rex just updated to 0.8.6 this morning. This seems like a moving target as miners are updating pretty frequently.