NVIDIA Ritocoin Hashrate x21s T-rex 0.8.8

Just wanted to share the hashrate I am seeing for the latest version of Trex (0.8.8) mining Ritocoin (x21s) with Nvidia GPU’s.

NVIDIA Ritocoin Hashrate (x21s)

This benchmark is for the following cards. EVGA GTX 1070ti, EVGA GTX 1070, EVGA GTX 1060 6GB, MSI GTX 1060 6GB, EVGA GTX 1060 3GB, and EVGA GTX 750ti . Here is my 3 hour average hashrate for my cards. 

CoinWorker5 Min30 Min1 Hour3 Hour
RitocoinEVGA_GTX1070ti13.06 Mh/s12.56 Mh/s12.79 Mh/s13.83 Mh/s
RitocoinEVGA_GTX107010.07 Mh/s10.97 Mh/s11.84 Mh/s11.53 Mh/s
RitocoinMSI_GTX1060_6GB9.07 Mh/s8.45 Mh/s8.61 Mh/s7.96 Mh/s
RitocoinEVGA_GTX1060_6GB7.67 Mh/s7.54 Mh/s8.02 Mh/s7.46 Mh/s
RitocoinEVGA_GTX1060_3GB10.78 Mh/s6.81 Mh/s6.52 Mh/s6.91 Mh/s
RitocoinGTX750ti1.86 Mh/s2.08 Mh/s2.46 Mh/s2.52 Mh/s

For reference I was mining on MinerMore mining pool.  Which is really a nice pool if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Power and Clock settings. 

  • 1070ti = Power 70%, CPU +69, Mem +0
  • 1070 = Power 70%, CPU +69, Mem +0
  • 1060 6GB = Power 65%, CPU +69, Mem +0
  • 1060 3GB = Power 65%, CPU +69, Mem +0
  • 750ti = Power 100%, CPU +0, Mem +0
  • MSI GTX 1060 6GB = Power 65%, CPU +69, Mem +0

More Ritocoin info:

If you would like to get more information about Ritocoin, you can check out  ritocoin.org to find more detailed information about the project. I noticed the website was just recently updated. Also you may want to check out Ravencoin which was the codebase that Ritocoin forked off of. Here is a beginners guide to mining Ravencoin.

Here are the main Ritocoin details from the bitcointalk page.

  • BLOCK TIME : One Minute
  • BLOCK REWARD : 5000 RITOCOIN +1% dev fund 
  • TOTAL COIN SUPPLY : 21,026,2800,000