Did you win the lottery and need ways to spend your money? Plus I found out I own a $200 coffee cup!

Ok, I should be doing something else right now… But I am goofing off and searching the net. So a quick trip to fantasy land pretending I won the lottery! Here are some of the high dollar items I can buy to get started blowing that cash!

Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice, or instructions on how you should spend your money, it is for entertainment purposes only.  This site also uses affiliate links. This means I may make a small amount of money at no cost to you if you buy something after clicking a link on this site. 

I am a casual type of guy, who is comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans when lounging around the house. But supposing I won the lottery, what is the most expensive tshirt and jeans I can find without leaving the house on my fav site?  Here is what I would be sporting.


Ok, so that’s probably not what I would wear as I would still probably be to cheap to spend that much. 

But this is my “I won the lottery PC”.

Ok, If I won a TON of cash I might seriously buy this! This thing is crazy! 4x Titan V’s!!!!!! yeah,, I want this…

Ok, this is my keyboard for the amazing PC above.. Not the most expensive, but I looked a while at keyboards and you really need to touch them. Its funny that I spent way more time looking at Keyboards online then the shirts, shoes and jeans. But I just always get sidetracked looking at PC stuff. I cant find THE keyboard I would want, but I spent so long looking I feel the need to post one. I did think this one was nice. Nicer then what I am using for sure.

Now, one thing I do love is my coffee. So this would be my expensive coffee mug I found….

BUT WAIT!!!! … Very interesting the price on this one, and I already got one of these! (well, actually I bought it for my wife when I was working in Alaska), but she never uses it. So think I will lay claim and this is my new lucky mug! I think I paid like 10 bucks for it. maybe 15? I dunno, everything was kinda spendy in Alaska. But feeling rich already! [Actually, I don’t need to drink out of a rare $200 dollar Starbucks coffee cup, so I will be selling this and using it to buy computer stuff most likely ] Goodbye Starbucks cup, I will miss you.

Since I am on coffee, I would just buy a ton of peet’s. I hate running out on the weekend.. I should go check and make sure we have some for the morning.

OMG!!! I have never seen these before! 70MPH electric off road bike!  I would get a couple to race around the neighborhood. Anyone have one of these out there? I am going to have to youtube this to check them out…

Ok, this would be so cool to have if someone else would take care of it. I would be afraid I would kill the fish. This Red Sea Max Aquarium  looks to be the top of the line I could find. But wonder how much it would cost to have someone take care of it for me. ok, Now I am thinking I am too cheap for something like this. I know I would have to learn to do it myself and it would take away from other things I want to learn.  (Lately AWS certs and Python.) I wish I had time for all the stuff I want to do. OK, I need to wrap this up.

I would have to set up the garage with a lift of course. This would be amazing! I really enjoy working on cars when you don’t have to have it ready to drive the next morning. Hanging out in the garage, listening to music, and turning wrenches. My kind of night.


Reality kicking in….

Wow, so wrapping this up now. Its kinda nice as I realize I really don’t need super expensive stuff. (well maybe that PC above would be cool) But really I got pretty much all I need.  Now If I want to get real, even if I won a ton of money,  I would probably be dressed like this..

And a set of anti static Dr Martens 🙂 I never knew they made these. I think I need a new set of Martens.

And for the PC, I would build my own… Way more fun to do it yourself. Plus I would love to do a nice water cooling setup.

I would get a couple of these 1080ti’s..

A nice i9

An Asus ROG Rampage motherboard.

a 2TB eNVME!!! I would probably need two of these 🙂

I would put it all in a nice Thermaltake Core P5 case, lots of RAM and a big power supply.


Anyways, I better get back to doing something productive. Oh, for my car… I would probably splurge and buy a Nissan GTR. I think I will pick up a lotto ticket tomorrow just in case this was some foresight.